Dog Breeds

Dog Breeds

Dogs are your most faithful and loyal friends. What they expect from us in return is just Love , Affection and Care. This site provide the complete best dog breeds information found over the world with the other useful requirement of pets.

Breeding for appearance was introduced in the 19th century. Up to that time, dog breeding concentrated on producing traits that were useful or work: vermin hunting (terriers), flushing and driving game (pointers, hounds), running down large and small quarry (mastiffs, greyhounds), and guarding (mastiffs). Characteristics such as size, color, or set of tail can he introduced or altered by breeding from animals with those traits. It is also possible to introduce a feature from another breeds of dog-for example, Dingo blood added to the Smooth-coated Collie to produce the Australian Kelpie-and then to breed across enough generations for the trait to run "true."

Dog breeds are classified into seven groups

Non sporting dogs

Non-Sporting Dogs

This is the category from which many pet dogs are selected. The sole purpose of this dog breeds is to be the owner's best companion . Examples: Dalmatian, French Bulldog, Chow Chow.

Working dogs

Working Dogs

Dogs of this breed covers the traditional guards and workers, such as the Rottweiler. Bred to work, and in many cases fearsome, natural guards, most are happiest when they are doing the job for which they are breed.

Herding dogs

Herding Dogs

The breeds of dog in this group were originally developed to herd and protect sheep and cattle. Many are still used by shepherds and farmers, but they are also extremely adaptable as pets. Examples: Collie, Corgi, German Shepherd Dog.



Gundogs are used variously to detect, flush out, and retrieve game. Usually gentle natured, many dogs in this dog breeds category have the dual role of huntsman's dog and family pet. Examples: Pointer, Golden Retriever.

Terriers dogs


These dogs were breed to go to ground, to hunt vermin, and bolt the fox from its lair. Energetic, sporting, and sometimes noisy, most terriers are affectionate by nature, but they can nip. Example: Yorkshire Terrier.

Hounds dogs


Some hounds hunt by scent, some rely on I heir keen eyesight. Hounds are good naturcd but have a propensity to roam. Many hounds are kept in packs, in outside kennels, rather than living indoors. Examples: Greyhound, Basset, Bloodhound, Beagle

Toy dogs

Toy Dogs

Although traditionally regarded as lap dogs many toy dog breeds come within this category, and will walk their owners off their feet. Many are splendid guards, keenly intelligent, affectionate, if somewhat possessive, and courageous to the point of stupidity. Examples: Pomeranian.

If you wants to know more about dog breeds information and interested in adopting a dog or a puppy, I would recommend this book by L. T. Barnesh called "How to Successfully Adopt A Dog". You can check it here.

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